The earliest trace of the Gujranwala Bar as a body to be acknowledged and accepted starts much before Indo-Pak partition. In the beginning, it had very limited number of members, civil judges and Magistrates. In 1952, the number of lawyers enrolled were around 50. With the time, it grew in its bar members and courts. At present its members are about 2500 and the number of Judges as of october 2012 were as under:

1   Session judge

8   Additional session Judges

24 Civil Judges

1   Special Judicial Magistrates

2  Anti terrorists Activities Judges

2  Banking Judges

1  Labour court Judges

1  Anti corruption Judges

1  Consumer court Judges

1  Chairman Drug Court
In early days of its establishment, there was no system of elections to choose the representatives of the bar and the regime was appointed in a single sitting by the respectables. By the time passed, the regime was properly voted and elected by bar members. A large number of its memebers take interest in electing the body to govern the matters of Bar. By february 2012 large number of votes were casted by the bar members and finally the regime came in charge by the majority votes comprised

President                             Ahwar Tufail Warraich                             972 votes

Senior Vice President     Altaf Hussain Ansari                                 1208 votes

Vice President                   Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Gondal                       1422 votes

Secretary                             Aamir Iftikhar Khan Rana                       1060 votes

Joint Secretary                  Imran Munir Saghir Bajwa                     1039 votes

Finance Secretary            Mrs. Rehana Kousar                                  919 votes

Library Secretary              Mrs. Roohi Iram Maqbool                     965 votes

Auditor                                 Rana Akbar Ali                                             1033 votes

The DBA Gujranwala Premises comprises large number of chambers for lawyers, civil courts,banking courts,labor courts,consumer courts,revenue courts,libraries,Mosques, Hall, and Bar rooms. Not only the regimes but also the bar members have been taking interests personally in its development and progress. One of the Honorable Bar Member, Mr.Farrukh Mehmood Sulehria Advocate SC,developed and glamorized the “Murtaza Kamal Library Hall” on his own accord.
The Bar has Produced Master minds of Civil and Criminal Laws. It has also got courage to boost up extracurricular activities like Poetry, Writing, cricket, Badminton, Debates etc. This bar has got the Honor of being awarded Gold medals to its two members in Debate and Naat competition, held by Punjab Bar council. The Bar also pays cash amount on monthly basis to the widows of deceased lawyers and also to those old lawyers, who have got age more than 65 years.
The Bar has also the shown great respect and sacrifices while Upholding the status of Judiciary during crisis before a military dictator in 2007, ultimately ensuring the Rule of Law.

In addition, bar always welcome New coming Judges and Lawyers and provide good environment for Practicing Law and establishing Justice.